Environmental Testing services

Bio Safe Analytic Systems-Lab queue on the Environmental Monitoring and Analysis, like Ambient Air quality analysis, Flue Gas Analysis, Noise & Illumination and ETP, STP & WTP water Analysis.

 We are Accredited by NABL and an ISO-9001:2015 Certified concern.

Our Quality Methodologies

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards)

APHA (American Public Health association )

pH & Conductivity Meter

UV-VIS spectrophotometer

Testing Flore

Testing Flore

RDS Sampler

Stack Sampler

Lux meter

Noise meter

Air Pollution Monitoring & Analysis

Flue gas analysis

Sampling and analysis of SPM,Sox,Nox,

Ambient Air Analysis

Sampling and analysis of PM2.5, PM10,Sox,Nox, Lead, Ammonia,CO,O3

Water and Waste water Analysis

Sampling and analysis of pH, Conductivity, TSS, TDS, Cl, So4, O&G, BOD and COD etc.

Noise & Illumination Monitoring

Monitoring of Indoor and outdoor vibration level and workplace Illumination Level.